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In the past 12-16 months, Virtual Events have changed, and most importantly, learner expectations have drastically changed. Learners expect Virtual Education to be easier to access and more customized to their needs. Adult learning must be ultra engaging and facilitate interaction between the presenter AND among colleagues - during the live event as well as pre and post event (such as during the OnDemand sessions). Increased engagement can now be achieved through interactive Virtual Rooms for presenters, exhibitors and poster authors. There is a need for new ways to track online course participation, and ideally this tracking should combine time spent on both live and OnDemand activities. We must move away from the simple concept of using content from a singular Virtual Event, and toward year-round education by harnessing the power of one platform that allows the client to build and customize multiple sources of content into macro and microlearning modules, all with searchable content. And thus, the "NEXT" thing in Virtual Education should be to empower the learner to tailor their educational experience in a way that produces maximum learning and engagement while collecting any required professional development units.

If you do not have time to watch the complete webinar, we suggest you jump to slides:
20 (Scheduled Poster Sessions)
21 (Representative Virtual Rooms during Exhibit Hours)
24 (Accredited Webinar combined with On-Demand activity)
34 (Amazingly Highly Engaging Microlearning Modules based on Webinar recordings)

Learning Objectives:
  • Quickly review the core components of Virtual Events
  • Learn about new methods that enhance end-users experience, and live interactions with participants
  • Review the transformation that the online medical & professional education went through since the pandemic and how MULTILEARNING is staying ahead of the new landscape
  • Describe the components required to build a robust educational platform with Virtual Event content
  • Learn how you can easily generate highly engaging microlearning modules for year-round education with Virtual Event materials
1. OPEN ACCESS microlearning module demo

2. LinkedIn Article on “21 seconds that will change self-paced eLearning”

3. Open Access Webcast with Slide Navigation and Search functionalities

4. ePoster with slide navigation and author narration

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